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American Survival Guide teaches readers how to prepare for natural disasters and emergencies. Published 9 times a year, the magazine is filled with hands-on advice and helpful hints. Anyone who wants to prepare for the unexpected will appreciate a subscription to American Survival Guide. Each new issue teaches readers how to prepare for doomsday. From how to survive a flood to how to outlast a terrorist attack, American Survival Guide is the go-to guide for definitive answers. The publication explains how to provide energy to your home, prepare a first-aid kit, grow your own food and store essential items needed for day-to-day living. Whether you want to learn how to light a fire, build a shelter, navigate without a GPS, survive an active shooter or find safe drinking water, you will benefit from American Survival Guide. Each issue also features a buyer's guide with items such as shelters, tents, flashlights, knives, backpacks and guns. American Survival Guide teaches readers how to prepare for the worst so that they will be able to survive dangerous situations. Each issue is filled with practical, proactive steps readers can take to prepare for the unthinkable.


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