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Flint Laces – 550 Paracord laces with firesteel (Various lengths)

Flint Laces - 550 Paracord laces with firesteel (Various lengths) BestBugOutGear.com

Matches are wet? Lighter doesn't work? Lost your firesteel? With Flintlaces you always have a last resort for fire. They're simply a pair of bootlaces until you need them to save your life. Each lace tip holds a 1 inch ferro rod capped with rubber. This is just enough to produce a robust spark to start a fire in the wilderness. Remove and strike with a steel edge.
-Patent Pending-

Sizing Guide:
Count how many hole pairs there is on your boot and then order the corresponding shoelace length.
4 - 5 : 36″
5 - 6 : 45″
6 - 7 : 54″
7 - 8 : 63″
8 - 9 : 72″
9 - 10 : 84″
10 - 11 : 96″
11 - 12 : 108″

**The diameter of tips are approximately 3/16". Measure shoelace hole to make sure they will fit.

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Black Diamond Cirque Mid Gaiter

Black Diamond Cirque Mid Gaiter BestBugOutGear.com

An all-purpose mid-height gaiter, the Black Diamond Cirque features a waterproof BDry membrane that makes it ideal for everything from backpacking to mountaineering. The welded hardshell upper and welded abrasion patch protect against moisture, rocks, and dirt while the replaceable nylon cord instep strap secures the gaiter when you're on the move.

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