C. Crane CC Pocket AM FM NOAA Weather Radio with Clock, Sleep Timer

C. Crane Cc Pocket Am Fm Noaa Weather Radio With Clock, Sleep Timer

The CC Pocket is very easy to use and has excellent overall performance. It has five easy to use memory buttons and it stands upright for convenience and best audio through the speaker. The sides are rubber coated to provide a firm grip and to help protect the radio if dropped. The Stereo/Mono/Speaker switch allows you to listen to the radio via the built-in speaker while using earphones as an antenna for the FM and NOAA Weather Bands. It is not common for a radio to block a strong signal that overrides a favorite weaker station. The CC Pocket has excellent selectivity while providing maximum sensitivity to weak signal.

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Emergency Radio w/Solar and Crank charger, VMEI Noaa Weather, 2200mAh, power bank, flashlight, SOS and Compass

Emergency Radio W/solar And Crank Charger, Vmei Noaa Weather, 2200mah, Power Bank, Flashlight, Sos And Compass

In a stormy moment, The rain or the snow is driving downhard. And you're stuck in a blackout,in a crushed house,in your broken down car, or by the side of the highway staringat a dead phone battery. How to get rescue and information in this bad weather?Maybe VMEI emergency weather radio can help you! If it is a sunny day, you canalso listen to music and stories using the VMEI radio outdoors.

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