Kogalla Solar Storage Bank

Kogalla Solar Storage Bank

The SSB integrates an ultra-slim, 10,000 mAh power pack with a rugged 22 Watt, foldable solar array into a compact, lightweight, easy-to-carry unit. The SSB also includes a USB light and cables in an attached zippered pouch. The Kogalla Solar Storage Bank has several distinct advantages over the numerous solar panels and power banks on the market. Integrating the solar panel array with the storage bank makes the unit super-easy to set up. Just unfold and place it in the sun. Kogalla also matches the solar panel array to the storage bank which maximizes energy harvest, and ensures uninterrupted operation. Even in low-sun conditions, the unit will harvest energy without fear of the charging connection shutting off. If the sun is blocked for a period, the SSB will automatically resume charging when the sun returns. You'll never return after a long day to find that a passing cloud terminated your charging cycle fifteen minutes after leaving camp.

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