Flint Fire Starter, Glass Breaker, Survival Keychain

Flint Fire Starter, Glass Breaker, Survival Keychain

Very lightweight to attach on your keys or survival gear bag. It is small enough to even store in your pocket. Exclusively designed for your most important survival needs.

Amazing design for a 4-in-1 emergency tool.

Unscrew the keychain end and you'll find the flint striker. Use this tool to strike the flint rod to start your fire.

Unscrew the middle and you'll find 1.5" flint rod, making it suitable for many uses.

The end of the fire starter features a glass breaker, in those emergency situations that you must break glass to survive.

Unscrew the glass breaker end and you will find a small tinder compartment with cotton inside. Easily start a fire with dry tinder. Once you use up the cotton ball, replace with dryer lint for your next outdoor adventure!

The fire starters are GREAT AS GIFTS because you always want your loved ones to be prepared and safe for any situation.

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