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Mizu, the Insulated Titanium Mug

Mizu, The Insulated Titanium Mug

Our Titanium line of products contains high-end camping and survival products designed to be durable and extremely lightweight.

The Mizu mug is an insulated titanium mug. It's double-wall titanium construction keeps your drink warm, but more importantly it keeps the outside of the mug cool to the touch even with boiling liquids inside.

The light weight and extreme strength of this mug allows you to store it easily in your hiking or bug-out bag, while still being large enough to enjoy a full cup of coffee.

The handles on the mug collapse flush against the cylinder for storage, and can be folded out while in use.

The mug measures 3.25 inches tall, and 3 inches in diameter. Similar in size to a standard coffee cup. The weight is 100 grams.

As with all Ninja Prepper products, we stand behind the Mizu mug and will replace it if it ever fails you.

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Military Survival Kit Can Opener, P-51, US Shelby Co. (Pack of 4)

Military Survival Kit Can Opener, P-51, Us Shelby Co. (pack Of 4)

The P-51 can opener is a great survival tool with many uses. The P-51 is 2" long, slightly longer than the original P-38, so it's easier to open cans. It folds to a small size. It also can be used as a cutting edge, screw driver, seam ripper, groove cleaner, etc. This 4-pack of P-51 Can Openers allows you to keep one in all the locations you want - the kitchen, hunting pack, camper, back pack, tackle box, tool box, etc.

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Kelly Kettle Packable Stainless Steel Camping Cups 17 oz. and 12 oz.

Kelly Kettle Packable Stainless Steel Camping Cups 17 Oz. And 12 Oz.

Camping Cups - These Stainless Steel, Packable Camping Cups by Kelly Kettle, are packed with features. The large cup holds 17 oz. and the smaller cup holds 12 oz.. Each cup has measurements inside in both ml and oz. Silicone handles keep fingers cool, and our CooLipTM lip guard keeps lips from the hot surface. These cups pack inside each other and will pack inside the large Kelly Kettle cook set pot. (Not Included) These Kelly Kettle Camping Cups complete the Kelly Kettle system. Find out more about it online.

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