QuickFire Instant Fire Starters. Waterproof, Odorless, Non-Toxic.

QuickFire Instant Fire Starters. Waterproof, Odorless, Non-Toxic. BestBugOutGear.com

Quick Fire will never expire or lose flammability! Completely odorless, which is perfect for indoor storage. The innovative sealed pouches are 100% waterproof. The packaging material acts as a wick, effortlessly starting coals, fireplaces, grills, campfires, fire pits, wood burning stoves and more! Quick Fire is a great survivalist item, able to withstand the most severe weather and still ignite! Perfect for indoor or outdoor use, as Quick Fire burns with no odor, smoke or harmful fumes. Each pouch burns up to 10 minutes long. Safe and easy to use! Available in 25, 50 or 100 packs, the more you buy, the more you save! KEEP OUT OF REACH OF CHILDREN. DO NOT CUT OR OPEN THE POUCH. DO NOT CHEW ON OR EAT THE CONTENTS.

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Dragon In A Box “NO KINDLING REQUIRED” 36-pack fire starters

Dragon In A Box "NO KINDLING REQUIRED" 36-pack fire starters BestBugOutGear.com

Dragon In A Box; 36 starters per case. When it absolutely, positively HAS to light! This fire starter REALLY works! Dragon In A Box is the most dependable and efficient fire starter on the market! Because just one starter burns long enough and hot enough to directly light split logs, it virtually eliminates the need for kindling and it works even if it gets wet! It's easy to light and perfect for starting backyard fire pits, campfires, fireplace and bonfires. It burns for 15+ minutes with a flame length that is between 8"-12" and can also be used for emergency heat or signal flare. Because of it's virtually infinite shelf-life, it's perfect for Preppers and Survivalists! Once you use it, you'll appreciate the hassle-free ease of use and find it indispensable for all your fire building needs.

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