Vector 14X Cold Filtrered Butane Gas 320ml – Choose Your Quantity (12 Cans)

Vector 14x Cold Filtrered Butane Gas 320ml – Choose Your Quantity (12 Cans)

Vector Formula 14 filtered 14x premium butane gas is highly recommended for all high performance Vector and other gas torches and lighters. This ultra-clean butane is refined up to 14 times, while most other butane are refined 1 to 3 times. Jet torch and turbo lighters require ultra pure Vector gas to produce highly efficient jet flames. Do not use other cheap brands as they will clog the internal burner cylinder and affect the performance of the lighter. Vector butane is at the top of the butane class providing the best quality of butane available. Formula 14 Refined Butane Gas by Vector Cold Filtered Up To 14 Times for Maximum Purity Height: 9.00" inches Diameter: 2.00" inches Size: 320 ml or 10.6 ounces Made in Korea

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Jetboil Jetpower Fuel

Jetboil Jetpower Fuel

For maximum efficiency and minimum consumption, use our high-performance propane / isobutane four-season blend. Propane provides higher vapor pressure for better performance in cold weather. Isobutane provides more constant pressure as the fuel level gets low.

The 100g fuel canister will pack inside of any model Personal Cooking System. 230g and 450g canisters will pack inside of the Sumo Companion cups and the Sumo systems.

Empty fuel cans are recyclable with our CrunchIt Tool. Check local facilities for recycling info.

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Zippo Lighter Fluid 12OZ.

Zippo Lighter Fluid 12oz.

Zippo calls it "cool fuel," and now your Zippo lighters will know just how cool it is with this 12-ounce bottle of lighter fluid. Zippo's cool fuel burns cleaner and lights faster than other fuels. More noticeably, it produces less odor, making it a great choice for hunters who want to keep manmade scents to a minimum. Cigar smokers will also love the fluid, as it imparts less of an aftertaste compared to other combustible fluids, helping preserve the full flavor of the cigar. And thanks to the cool fuel's high-end refinement--which is distilled from cosmetic-grade petroleum--the lighter fluid is less irritating to the skin. This 12-ounce bottle of lighter fluid is designed for all Zippo pocket lighters. It is not for use with the Zippo Mini MPL, MPL, or Flex Neck models.

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