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Sentry Solutions TUF-GLIDE & TUF-CLOTH Set

Sentry Solutions Tuf-glide & Tuf-cloth Set

1/2 oz. Tuf-Glide w/ Applicator + Original Tuf-Cloth. The quick drying partner for TUF-CLOTH. It is a powerful dry-film lubricant and rust inhibitor for bonded protection that will not wash or wipe off. Use TUF-GLIDE to lubricate and protect the hard-to-reach areas of all your equipment and gear. Tuf-Cloth's oil-free formula micro-bonds and will not wipe or wash off. The quick-drying non-toxic shield does not attract dirt and gives metal a non-stick finish that keeps your gear clean and running when you need it most. TESTED AND USED BY NAVY SEALS

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ESEE Knives Accessory Pouch for Model 5 / Model 6 Knife

Esee Knives Accessory Pouch For Model 5 / Model 6 Knife

This accessory pocket will bolt to the front of the ESEE-5 or ESEE-6 hard sheath by aligning the holes in the pocket with the holes in the sheath and using the provided 4 screws and posts to securely tighten the sheath and pocket together. The screws are long enough to fasten the pocket, sheath and MOLLE back all together. This pocket will hold either the provided tin or a regular Altoids tin, as well as any other gear you can fit into the pocket. You will find many other uses for the pocket by threading paracord through the grommet holes and lashing it to your other gear or packs.

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