BriteLyt/Petromax USA 500CP/XL Pressure Lantern Plus Package

BriteLyt/Petromax USA 500CP/XL Pressure Lantern Plus Package 2

The BriteLyt XL 500CP Rapid XL, the new world standard! This includes: 500CP Nickel Plated Brass Lantern Parts/Tool Kit (6) Mantles Fuel Funnel Spirit Bottle Instruction booklet. Top reflector,and carrying case.The new BriteLyt XL family of high powered lanterns represent the biggest innovation in over 100 years for liquid fueled lantern technology. We started from scratch to design the most durable, functional and innovative lantern the world has ever seen. Constructed of a thicker, solid brass material, featuring a number of internationally patent pending improvements, the new BriteLyt lanterns are a great fit for camping, hunting, fishing boating or simply adorning your outdoor living space. Giving off an industry leading 550 watts of light, the BriteLyt XL 500CP lantern also features the longest burn time in the industry, at up to 25 hours (depending on what fuel is being used.)

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