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ENHANCE NIGHTLUX FL2 USB Rechargeable & Hand Crank Powered Lantern and LED Flashlight

Enhance Nightlux Fl2 Usb Rechargeable & Hand Crank Powered Lantern And Led Flashlight

ENHANCE NIGHTFLUX FL2 Portable Hand Crank & USB Rechargeable Lantern and LED Flashlight

Portable Design

Lightweight and compact design makes this lantern the perfect travel accessory. Carry or hang anywhere with the convenient carabiner or simply slip it into any bag or backpack!

No Batteries, No Problem

This lantern & flashlight combo allows two forms of charging. Charge via USB or using the self powered hand crank (Clockwise or Counter Clockwise). The red indicator light will turn on when charging.

Unique Light Settings

The lantern is equipped with 12 LED lights for the bright setting and 6 LED lights for the low setting. The flashlight is equipped with 6 LED lights for bright light and 3 LED lights for low light. These features give this flashlight and lantern the ability to mix and match brightness settings for customizable light.

Never-Ending Uses

This lantern is perfect for both indoor, outdoor and emergency use. Take it camping and hiking, store it in your vehicles glove box , stock it in an emergency and first aid kit, and much more! You will always be prepared with this handy device!

Lantern: Fully charged by USB: 1.4 hours at high level brightness / 8 hours at low level brightness

1 minute crank: 5 minutes at high level brightness / 11 minutes at low level brightness

Flashlight: Fully charged by USB: 2.8 hours at high level brightness / 4 hours at low level brightness

1 minute crank: 13 minutes at low level brightness / 23 minutes at low level brightness

Works With:

Camping , Hiking , Boating , Traveling , Bonfires , Recreation , Power Outages , Other Emergency Use , Indoor Working & More!

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Secur Hand Crank 3 LED Mini Spotlight Lantern

Secur Hand Crank 3 Led Mini Spotlight Lantern

This versatile spotlight and lantern operates without batteries, and can charge smart phones /MP3 and other digital devices. Three light modes include spotlight, lantern, and flashing emergency red light. You can charge it with dynamo power using the built in hand crank, or with the USB port and USB cable (Included)
The handle on the spotlight can be rotated to several positions to use as a spotlight or lantern, just press the button on the side of the handle to release and adjust position. Handle also serves as storage comportment for the USB cable.

Product Features:
* High power 3 LED spotlight, 18 Lumens
* High power 10 LED Lantern, 35 Lumens
* 5 Red LED emergency lights
* Dynamo hand crank, never need any batteries
* Also charge via external USB power source
* Emergency digital device charger
* Fold out carry/hanging handle
* Swivel handle for flashlight or lantern function
* Built in cable storage in the handle
* Built in 300 mAh Rechargeable Ni-MH Battery
* 5 Inch high, and weighs only 6.5 OZ

Product Specifications:
After only 1 minute cranking
      *15 Minute 3 LED spotlight
      *6 minute 10 LED Lantern
      *120 Minutes Red emergency flashing light
After a full charge
      *5.5 hours 3 LED spotlight
      *135 minutes 10 LED lantern
      *30 hour Red emergency flashing light

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Secur Rainproof Hand Crank LED Flashlight Lantern

Secur Rainproof Hand Crank Led Flashlight Lantern

The multifunction combination of flashlight and lantern is rainproof, and never needs any batteries. The internal battery can be charged via the built in hand crank dynamo generator, or via an external USB power source connected to your computer, the perfect emergency indoor or outdoor solution.

Product Features:
* Super bright 5 LED Flashlight, 13 Lumens
* High power 12 LED lantern, 42 Lumens
* Both have 2 power level option
* Built in dynamo handle for emergency charging
* Charge with included USB cable via any USB power source
* Self-locking clip for easy carrying or hanging
* 300 mAh Rechargeable Ni-MH Battery
* Rainproof, Windproof

Product Specifications:
After only 1 minute cranking
      *23 minutes flashlight lighting
      *20 minutes lantern lighting
After a full charge
      *4 hours of flashlight lighting
      *100 minutes of lantern lighting

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Secur Waterproof Hand Crank or Solar Powered 3 LED Flashlight

Secur Waterproof Hand Crank Or Solar Powered 3 Led Flashlight

This high power 3 LED flashlight is rechargeable and never needs batteries or bulbs, the battery can be charged with the built in hand crank or the built in solar panel, completely waterproof so you can use this flashlight to a depth of 45 feet.

Product Features:

* 8 Lumens 3 LED flashlight
* 3 types of LED use
* Rainproof and windproof up to 45 feet
* Powers with dynamo power
* Also powers with solar pane
* l80 mAh, 3.6V, NI-MH Battery
* 5 Years lifetime warranty

Product specifications:

After 1 minute hand cranking
* 60 minutes with all 3 LED's
* 80 Minutes with 1 LED
* 110 Minutes of flashing
* 4 hours lighting after a full charge
* 120 Minutes light after 1 Hour direct sunlight

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Energizer Weatheready 3-LED Carabineer Rechargeable Crank Light, Red

Energizer Weatheready 3-led Carabineer Rechargeable Crank Light, Red

Compact and ready to go, this light never needs batteries. Cranking restores the rechargeable NiMH batteries to their charged state. The Nichia LEDs are bright, virtually unbreakable and never need replacing. Also, the light features a quick to use carabiner clip and the crank operates in either direction. Highly efficient use of Kinetic energy with 1 minute of cranking providing 3 minutes of light. This light is an excellent solution for extended power outages and situations where the light will be stored for a long period of time.

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