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HHV ATE® Ballistic Helmet Lvl IIIa

Hhv Ate® Ballistic Helmet Lvl Iiia

The ATE® Ballistic Helmet has become the standard for Military, Law Enforcement, and Security Personal. It provides the perfect combination of protection, weight, and comfortability. As a veteran owned and operated company, we know that each user has a unique need and preference. The ATE® Ballistic Helmet was designed to provide the user with a solid entry level helmet, suitable for combat operations, but compatible with other manufactures liners, accessories, and even 3rd party products. SIZING- M/L=(hat size) 7" up to 7 3/8" or 20 7/8" - 22" L/XL (Head Circumference (in)) 23 1/4"-24 3/8" or 7 3/8 up to 7 5/8

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Webetop MC Special Forces Tactical Ballistic Bullet Proof Fast Jump Military Helmet

Webetop Mc Special Forces Tactical Ballistic Bullet Proof Fast Jump Military Helmet

Product details: 1:Weight:1.45KG. 2:Thickness:8mm. 3:Material:kevlar. 4:Surface:monochrome grinding particles of paint. 5:Camouflage color: MC, ACU, AOR1 AOR2, A - T, the AT - FG. 6:Head circumference: 56-61cm. 7:Protection area: 0.11 square meters. 8:Built-in: seismic system, head circumference adjustment system, buffer system, etc 9:Telescopic rope:elastic rubber band. 10:Chin strap: soft leathery chin strap. 11:Insert buckle: nylon material. 12:Screws:steel screws. 13:Helmet accessories :rail*2 (nylon), *1 (aluminum alloy), goggles buckle*2 (nylon),velcro (nylon), a memory foam sponge and shock 5 (EPP), OPS adjustable suspension hanging system,headband adjustment belt (soft nylon), ribbon (light silk polyester),retractable cord*2(elastic rubber rubber band),chin strap(leather), accessories (collet*1, fish bone*1,slide*2),buckles (nylon), screws (steel screw) Features: 1:Lightweight, multi-impact, ventilated liner with repositionable impact pads and closed-cell comfort foam that is not affected by temperature, altitude, or moisture. 2:Collision, preventing the branches, the leaves hit, breathable, speed. 3:100% new quality assurance. 4:Suitable for: real CS, outdoor adventure, mountaineering, rock climbing and other activities. 5:Hidden goggles, glasses can completely cover the eyes wide, can protect the eyes in sandstorm weather. 6:The chin strap of leather material, greatly improving the wearing comfort. Why webetop is your best choice? 1:New materials with kevlar materials, low density, good toughness and high temperature resistance, strength for five times of the same material of iron and steel, but the density is only one 5 of the steel. 2:Kevlar ability to absorb the kinetic energy is 1.6 times shrapnel nylon,2 times of steel, bullet-proof performance is good,up to the military standard. 3:The thickness up to 8cm. 4:imports from the United States the grind arenaceous grain paint,pay attention to concealment.

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