Tactical Communication First Responder Edition

Tactical Communication First Responder Edition

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Like any tactic, communication can be helpful or harmful-depending on how it is carried out. The strategies in this book will sharpen your tactical communication tools so that you can maintain control on scenes, no matter the economic status of the community. Identify strategies to win in situations in poverty, middle class, and wealthy communities. Understand what it takes to be viewed with respect and treated as a leader by people in the communities you police, even while enforcing the law. Decrease the frustration when entering situations in poverty, as well as in middle class and wealth. Be even more successful in the communities you police. Inside you ll find tools to help you utilize power and respect with people in poverty. Translate the law into a meaningful form by basing your information on what the community perceives as meaningful. Gather information from people no matter what story structure they use. Reinforce the concepts of future orientation, choice, and power. Connect civilians with resources available in the community. Gain information that will assist you as you advance in your career. Address causes of poverty at individual, community, and policy levels. With this information you can influence the situation you find yourself in and more effectively control the outcome.


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