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U.S. Military 4 Piece Modular Sleeping Bag Sleep System W/Gortex Bivy

u.s. military 4 piece modular sleeping bag sleep system with gortex bivy-620

Genuine US Military Issue -40° Modular Sleep System (MSS). National Stock Number 8465-01-445-6274. This patented state of the art system has been tested and proven effective by the military for bivouacking in all types of inclement weather. The following is how this System is Rated. (a) The Outer Green Patrol Bag is designed to be used in Temperatures down to 30 degrees Fahrenheit. (b) Inner Black Bag is designed to be used in temperatures from 30 to minus 10 degrees Fahrenheit. (c) By Joining both bags together by placing the Black Bag Inside Green Bag and snapping all black bag snaps to green bag snaps along each side of the zippers, Insuring the hoods are wide open and then tuck the black bag hood inside the green bag hood. Use only the zipper from the green bag to exit and enter bags when in this configuration. This configuration is designed for temperatures from minus 10 to minus 50 degrees Fahrenheit when used with various insulating layers of the extended cold weather clothing system. For added protection from wind, rain or wet snow, Use the Provided Goretex Bivy Cover which, may attached to the outside of the outermost sleeping bag.

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Signal Tactics Military-Grade Faraday Bag for Phones, Inner dimensions 9.5in x 5.5in

signal tactics faraday bag for phones, inner dimensions, 9.5in x 5.5in

Signal Tactics is an industry leader in device shielding products. Each faraday bag is military-grade and and made to withstand everyday wear and tear. Signal Tactics introduced the faraday bag for phones to prevent hacking, tracking, and chain of custody corruption. When a cell phone is placed inside the bag, no apps or malicious code can be remotely triggered or wiped, no communication can penetrate, and no one can access the microphone, camera, GPS location, or data. The best way to protect your privacy, personal information, and data is by keeping your electronic devices shielded inside the faraday bag whenever not in use. The Signal Tactics bag is large enough to fit multiple cell phones, key fobs, wallets/credit cards, passports, and small transmitters, while still remaining slim enough to easily fit inside a laptop bag, briefcase, or purse.

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Mission Darkness Padded Utility Faraday Bag

mission darkness padded utility faraday bag, inner dimensions with padded liner 15.5in l x 5.5in w x 7in h

The Mission Darkness Padded Utility Faraday Bag is the only faraday bag on the market specifically designed to shield delicate electronics such as digital rifle scopes with rangefinders, battery powered night vision optics, scope screens, digital cameras, and accompanying accessories. This is a 70dB+ RF shielding, specialized faraday enclosure designed for the needs of hunters, preppers, law enforcement, military missions, and related fields. The bag prevents any signals from reaching the devices inside, so electronics cannot be hacked, tracked, digitally altered, or destroyed from occurrences such as EMPs. Protection of these types of accessories is often overlooked when preparing for emergency scenarios, but it is necessary to take precaution in the way survival items are stored and transported.

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Mission Darkness Non-Window Faraday Bag 12″ x 7.75″

mission darkness non-window faraday bag

The Mission Darkness Non-window Faraday Bag for Tablets completely blocks all wireless signals and keeps medium sized electronic devices shielded to prevent hacking, tracking, spying, and chain of custody corruption. Signal Blocking // Anti-tracking // EMP Shield // Data Privacy. When a tablet or other device is properly enclosed in the bag, no apps or malicious code can be remotely triggered or wiped, no communication can penetrate, and no one can access the microphone, camera, GPS location, or data. Primary uses are for law enforcement and military forensic evidence collection, personal security, and EMP protection.

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American Rebel Inc. Tactical Concealed Carry Backpack

american rebel inc. tactical concealed carry backpack

The American Rebel Medium Freedom Concealed Carry Backpack is the best every day carry style backpack that also securely conceals your handgun. This backpack features our patent-pending Proprietary Protection Pocket that is accessible on each side to give quick access to both left and right-handed shooters. This sandwich-method pocket holds your handgun in your preferred position as effective as a holster and it can be accessed quickly and safely. The backpack includes a zipper compartment with elastic secured pockets to carry extra magazines and other tactical equipment. We made our concealed carry backpack with high-quality durable materials such as Ripstop Water Resistance fabric, YKK Zippers with branded pull tabs, and UTX branded clips. This bag is strong enough to go anywhere you do, from the shooting range to the office and everywhere in between. It features pockets for your sunglasses, wallet, and other valuables and a large zipper compartment with a pocket large enough to hold a 15’’ laptop. Carry your tablet and business materials inside with ease. The American Rebel Freedom Concealed Carry Backpack does not look like a military or tactical backpack, so you can take it to the office or on errands without alerting others that you are carrying a concealed handgun. It comes in a variety of colors such as fully black, black with grey accents, black with orange, black with pink, fully grey with black accents, and even Realtree® camo.

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ProCase Tactical Gun Bag

procase tactical gun bag

ProCase Tactical Gun Bag is the perfect solution for organizing and carrying your pistols and other items. This compact yet lightweight pistol bag is heavy on utility. Flexible Molle webbings and D-shape loop offer expanded capability. Strong pistol holders with hook & loop give supreme protection to your handguns and ensure stability. Water-resistant fabric construction keeps your gear dry and secure in any climate. A must have for heading to the range or going on a weekend hunting expedition.

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ProCase Tactical MOLLE Pouch

procase tactical molle pouch

ProCase Tactical MOLLE Pouch is a versatile utility pouch for all your tools, such as cell phone, tactical pens, keychain, GPS device, digital camera, medical supplies, ammo or other necessary gadgets. Two large pockets, multiple elastic loops and a removable transparent sleeve give the pouch endless configurations. High density water-resistant material keeps your gear dry and secure under any environment. This multi-purpose tactical molle admin pouch can also serve as a gadget pouch, first aid kit or EDC molle pouch. A terrific companion for hikers, campers, survivalists and outdoorsmen.

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