US Military Poncho Liner, MARPAT Digital Camo

Poncho Liner-Marpat

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Reversible Wet Weather Poncho Liner 100% Nylon with Polyester Fill Size approximately: 82X62 (this is a slight hexagon shape and center and will measure 91" across). The highly versatile wet weather poncho liner reverses from MARPAT Woodland Camo to Coyote Brown. Often referred to in the military as a woobie blanket because of its practicality to have around at all times. The nylon fabric has a quilted stitch design to keep the polyester intermediate layer in place. Two 8" tie tape straps are sewn into each corner. Additionally, there are double straps sewn mid-point between each corner for a total of 8 attachment points. Authentic US military surplus. Manufacturer: Winston Salem Institute for the Blind or similar contractor.


  • Poncho Liner is often used as a blanket.
  • Does not have a head hole
  • quilted nylon shell
  • 100% polyester fill
  • size 81" x 63"

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